The Peak District

There is one thing above all else that pulls people into the Peak District: the glorious scenery. But this isn’t just an endearingly beautiful area — it’s also incredibly diverse. Venture to the centre and south of the region for the limestone plateau of the White Peak, a land of rolling hills and deep, wooded dales, flower-rich meadows and gin-clear streams. To the east and west and extending far to the north is the Dark Peak, all wild and wuthering with its upland moors and peat bogs, dramatic gritstone edges and lonely tors, weather-sculpted into weird and wonderful shapes.

Set against all this natural splendour are equally remarkable ancient man-made attractions such as Bronze Age stone circles and Iron Age hill forts, plus magnificent stately homes and handsome historic churches. Elegant Georgian homes line the streets of Instagram-ready towns and villages, cute stone cottages cluster round duck ponds and greens, while grand Victorian mills and abandoned mines stand testament to the area’s important industrial heritage.

This is a land rich in folklore, with supernatural tales of mermaids, headless horsemen, and mysterious lights in the night sky, and links to figures familiar from legend and literature, such as Robin Hood and Jane Eyre. Don’t be surprised if much of it looks strangely familiar: as a favourite location for film and TV shoots, this part of the country has provided scenic backdrops for everything from The League of Gentlemen and Last of the Summer Wine to The Other Boleyn Girl and Pride and Prejudice.